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The I-Fran Corporation would like to take a moment to introduce you to a new concept in the inventory service industry. A concept that gives qualified companies the opportunity to benefit from national accounts, technological advances, and much, much more.

Now is your chance to be part of a national inventory service and still keep 100% ownership of your business. I-Fran Service Corp, an affiliate of MSI Inventory Service Corporation, is now offering franchises exclusively to existing inventory service companies. Becoming a franchise member of the I-Fran network will give you the opportunity to qualify to service our growing list of national clients.

The I-Fran franchise business is specifically designed to benefit existing inventory service companies by revolutionizing their approach to inventories and business planning, switching from outdated, cumbersome equipment to the highest tech Radio Frequency devices available, and assisting in reducing operational costs through automation. Join MSI's 30 year track record of proven results in the inventory industry.

The advantages to becoming an I-Fran franchisee include:

Equipment Rental/Lease: Technology is playing a huge part in our industry today, and I-Fran's rental/lease program gives franchisees access to the leading radio frequency technology on the market. By leasing Radio Frequency equipment, franchisees can have daily access to the equipment they need without the heavy outlay of cash necessary to update equipment every few years. In addition, I-Fran has seen the need to help franchisees with peak periods and other demands for additional equipment by offering rental units on a first come, first served basis.

National Sales Presence: In order to grow and prosper in our industry, national sales must play a vital role in a healthy sales growth, but because regional retailers are being bought out at an alarming rate, local inventory service companies have fewer and fewer opportunities to land substantial accounts. The national sales presence provided by I-Fran will provide the local franchisee with the opportunity to service chains which they normally would not be considered for.

Business Planning: Strategic business planning plays a critical role in the financial success of any company. Unfortunately, many small businesses lack the resources to develop a comprehensive, competitive business plan or to invest in extensive management training. I-Fran will help franchisees develop an extensive plan to assist in effective proper cash flow, track day to day profits from completed inventories, and institute an effective training program.

Automated Payroll: Automated payroll substantially reduces the potential for employee fraud and cuts costs by eliminating the need for an in-house payroll specialist. Employees are scanned in and out at the job site using actual time readings in tenth of an hour increments. Payroll is then transmitted to I-Fran's central facility for automated processing, where all local, state, and federal taxes can be taken care of. No more key entry of payroll, just transmission of data.

Automated invoicing and in-house accounting: Once an inventory is complete, your priority becomes generating an invoice for billing that customer. With I-Fran's automated invoicing, information is sent via the Internet back to your office, where our programs do your invoicing automatically. This allows I-Fran's in-house accounting system to keep you on top of monthly sales figures. Monthly reports are industry specific and are run within 15 days of your month-end cutoff.

MSI is now accepting applications for this exciting growth opportunity.

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James McClain, President

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